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The Round Table Collection

Everyone gets the best seat around the puzzle!

Humming Birds.

Animal Arena.

Ocean View.

The New Way to Do Puzzles!

With the Round Table Puzzle Collection, every person around the table has the opportunity to build the puzzle with a distinct view from the bottom side. 


A Broader View was formed in 2001 when Roger Andresen made it his mission to spread geographical awareness and knowledge across the globe. What emerged was a variety of award-winning educational geography products. The initial product was The Global Puzzle™, which is a 600-piece puzzle of the world that is unique because it actually has pieces shaped like countries, states, and provinces.  Read More »

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The design and manufacturing techniques of the Round Table and 4 Fronts Puzzle Collections, which allow for everyone to sit at the bottom of the puzzle, are proprietary and patent protected.  © A Broader View, Inc. All rights reserved.